Au Soleil Brunch At The Village


After all that clutter and clatter during the busy weekdays, the sun shines brighter on Thursdays because it knows the weekend is finally here, bringing along a ray of happiness, coziness and longer sleeping hours. Fridays, have become a ritual for exploring restaurants or food joints after all skipping breakfast is inevitable due to those sneaky late Thursday nights getting a little crazy & wild.


Getting a hold of my partner, we agreed to go out brunching as it ticked both the boxes; FOOD & FUN. There we were, standing outside The Village at Le Meridien, Abu Dhabi on a Friday afternoon, eager to satisfy our hunger and rattle our taste buds in a super chilled garden-like atmosphere.

We were welcomed with a special rosé refreshment which was sweet with a hint of sourness. It was served nice and chilled and infused with a floral fragrance. We selected a table near the band to soak up some sunshine and feel the vibrant brunch vibes.

Brunch seemed family-friendly as they had the bouncy castle- my favourite fun activity during childhood, a separate kids playing area where we saw children drawing, colouring, crafting various shapes out of paper & competing with each other at Jenga.

We selected the package including free flow of house beverages as brunch without alcohol feels more like breakfast to me, ha-ha.

Friday Brunch (4)

It is said “Variety is a spice of life” and I must say there was plenty to choose from at The Village. The elegant assortments served by the server carrying wooden trays of freshly baked pizzas, shawarma in French baguette bread, eggs benedict, chicken wings and much more. The variety of salads displayed on the counter- including the Pineapple, red bell peppers and shrimp’s mixed salad which was tangy to my liking and we enjoyed gulping down fresh oysters with lemon squeezed on top. An array of scrumptious food counters including a fiery BBQ station where chefs performed their art of grilling some mean ribs, steaks, calamari, tiger prawns, fish & chicken drumsticks- everything so pleasantly juicy and tender. Especially the BBQ ribs which fell off the bone. Also, the tiger prawns, simply because who doesn’t love grilled prawns!



The food was delicious and very moreish! We sat for a while before we went for the desserts where they had pastries, cheesecakes, and macarons, but the one which really caught my eye was a small transparent cup with sponge cake soaked in a sweet saffron flavored milk and topped with a wallop of cream which tasted like a similar dessert from India named Rasmalai; where soft paneer balls replace the sponge cake.

Kudos to the two talented band artists who sang pop hits and soothing classics beautifully to lift the entire brunch atmosphere. The music was at a great level where you could appreciate it and have a great conversation simultaneously.

Once we were able to stand, as we both of course fell into a food coma after so many courses we rolled along to the resort where we took laid for hours on the beach overlooking Al Maryah Island (such a bonus having a pool and beach access free) taking a cheeky late afternoon siesta.

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