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Salads are a big NO to me, especially when I’m out with friends for a weekend celebration. The plate you see above is certainly not what I ordered. It’s one of my friends who ordered this since he recently joined a gym, which of course is something I’ve been thinking for a long time to do, but each time the thought crosses my mind, I counter it by ordering food which has carbs overflowing from it. However, today was the day I tried this salad from my friend’s bowl and I went “Hhmmm”; no kidding, coz I know what I sound like. haha. The rocket leaves were fresh and crunchy to my every bite. The zucchini was slightly grilled which released its sweetness complimenting the tart taste of the balsamic vinegar. Gorgonzola cheese with its sharp salty taste was mellowed down if eaten along with the crunchy walnut. My friend had to order another one for himself as this bowl was more on my side of the table then his. And that my friends is how I started eating salads.

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